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John Enequist originally started J and J Painting Services in Denver with his friend, John. After building a successful painting business, family needs brought John to the Prescott area. John started painting in the Prescott and soon discovered a demand for a reliable and qualified residential and commercial painter.
Prescott, Arizona was a still a small town in 1984 and word spread quickly about the expertise of this new house painter in town. 

             J and J Painting business was born in the late 1980's

J and J Painting has been painting residential homes and commercial properties for the past 33 years. Our formula to stay in business this long is simple, we work hard to provide you the best painting service possible while keeping our rates low.
You won't find John with a brush in his hand anymore. John turned over the actual painting portion of the business to his qualified crews. Even though John won't be on a ladder or painting, he is involved in the every day operations of J and J Painting. John manages the painting crews by visiting the job sites regularly. John also works with clients to choose paints (with the help of Dunn Edwards Paint Specialists). John offers his 30+ years of experience to guide his clients into a great Painting experience.

Our staff is made up of talented painters whom aren’t simply content in doing a job, they love what they do and it shows in the results we produce. Our attention to detail is unparalleled and we approach each job as artists intent on delivering a home that’s warm, welcoming, and reflective of its owner. 
Over the years, J and J Painting has worked with homeowners, builders, property management companies and business owners throughout the Prescott, Arizona area.

Some fun painting projects have been Falcon's Nest, the tallest residential building in North America. Garchen Buddhist Institute was another interesting project for J and J Painting- set in a remote area of Chino Valley, Arizona.

Terri Enequist operates the office and business management portion of J and J Painting

Four seperate crews perform all the painting work for J and J Painting.
The crews range in experience from 13 years to 30 years.

Rio the Golden Retriever: Rio works closely with John keeping him company in the truck as John drives from job site to job site.

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